Customer Charter

This is our customer charter. It sets out our commitments to provide our customers with service, procedures and information at appropriate stages during the purchase of a Wentworth Home.


  1. We will give you the detailed pre-contract information you need to make an informed decision about buying a Wentworth home. 
  2. We will seek to ensure that you appoint your own professional legal advisor to carry out the legal formalities of buying the property and to represent your interests. 
  3. We will let you know who to contact at every stage of your purchase and inform you of any relevant choices and options you can consider. 
  4. We will give you health and safety advice to reduce, as far as possible, the risk of danger on the development site during construction and in the use of your home. 
  5. Our marketing and advertising will be clear and truthful. 
  6. Our contract terms and conditions will be clear and fair. 
  7. We will give you reliable information about NHBC's Buildmark cover and any other guarantees and warranties from which you may benefit. 
  8. We will give you reliable information about the timing of construction, legal completion and handover of your Wentworth Home. 
  9. Prior to completion we will ensure that the functions and facilities of the property are demonstrated to you. 
  10. We will inform you clearly about the after-sale services that Wentworth Homes will provide after completion.